The belt conveyor industry must adhere to the road of sustainable development

The conveyor belt is the second tire after the second rubber industrial products, mainly used in coal, metallurgy, machinery industry, wharf and warehousing material handling, product quality, specifications and application scope, to a certain extent, marks the development level of national economy and technology.

During the period of "75", the high strength and flame retardant conveyor belts were listed as the key points of technical transformation. After more than 20 years of efforts, high-tech products have become the dominant products, which is used for long distance transportation and impact resistance, anti tear and abrasion resistance of steel wire rope core conveyor belt for conveying coal mine safety protection flame retardant conveyor belt, used for food, electronic products and other non polluting transport conveyor belt etc. has dominated the market.

After years of efforts, our country to create a steel cord like Qingdao XiangLiu group self-developed conveyor belt, nylon belt, EP belt, flame retardant wire rope MT668 standard used in underground coal mine conveyor belt, MT669 standard high strength steel wire rope traction belt product. Its independent development and innovative conveyor belt products, both in terms of product standards, technical level, or in the variety of products, life expectancy have reached advanced levels of similar products in developed countries.

Of course, as the domestic market is not standard, there are also many unfavorable factors of disorderly competition in the industry. One is the blind development of enterprises, small and scattered; two is non-standard production, sale; the three is the brand awareness of the poor, but the price is low, regardless of the quality; four macro-control is weak, the market lacks the necessary rectification and guidance.

With the increasing pressure of resources and environment, the price of domestic production factors and resource products will continue to rise. If a 2.5 km transport line as an example, the conveyor belt length is 5 kilometers, high strength wire rope conveyor belt is better than the ordinary belt weight will reduce nearly 200 tons, with high strength steel wire rope conveyor belt joint static efficiency is above 100%, the common conveyor belt joint efficiency is about 65%, the is remarkable in energy and material saving.

Imported conveyor belts are made up of covering rubber, core and rubber. Sometimes there is a buffer layer. The core is the framework of the conveyor belt, providing the necessary strength and stiffness, and almost all the load in the working state of the conveyor belt. There are many core materials, and the ordinary conveyer belt core is made up of multilayer hanging canvas. The fabric belt is composed of synthetic fabric or wire rope, steel bar, steel wire net and so on. The covering rubber and adhesive tape are the protective layer with core, and protect the belt core from the direct impact of materials, wear and corrosion at work. Prevent early damage of belt core and prolong the service life of belt. The covering rubber is divided into upper and lower parts, and the upper part of which is contacted with the material to be transported is an upper cover rubber, and is the working face of the conveyer belt.

Countries are also focusing on safety, energy saving, environmental protection, high strength conveyor belt, such products in the market has also been trusted by users, in response to the call of the state, the development of environmentally friendly energy-saving conveyor belt products. It seems that the prospect of imported conveyor belts is considerable, and I believe the competition will be fierce in the future.

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